The White Queen
King Edward, my love, my Husband

King Edward, my love, my Husband

89 plays
Henry VI met his death in the Tower, on the night of the Vigil of the Ascension, 21st -22nd May, 1471

Henry VI met his death in the Tower, on the night of the Vigil of the Ascension, 21st -22nd May, 1471

40 plays

Historical Events:

March 6, 1460: The treaty of Alcacovas-Portugal gives Castile Canary Islands to West Africa

June 1460’s: The Earl of Warwick and King Edward land in England with an army and sieze London.

July 1460’s: Former King Henry VI is captured and imprisoned by Yorkist forces.

December 1460’s: The Battle of Wakefield- The York son Edward becomes the leader

Fictonal Events:

Spring 1464: Elizabeth meets the soon to be King Edward.

Septmber 1464: Elizabeth Grey gets secretly married to King Edward, with he mother as the only witness.

May 1465: Elizabeth Grey has a glorious first coronation, in which she is shown off to the city.

July 1460’s: War of Roses- King Edward defeats King Henry VI

I started of a poor widow with two sons. And no fotrune or land to show. I was still living on my parents land with my brothers and sisters, when the land that rightfully belonged to me was taken away. But I have made my name known, I have given my sons a knew heir, a new live. I myslef have come upon a new life. I now have lots of fortune and power, a new love of my life, and a life I can be proud of. I have set my family up for good fortune thanks to my newly high powers. And set up a life that cannot be taken, not without a fight.

Mother: And your bot Thomas will be old enough to leave home soon. He should live with his kinsmen; he should learn to be a gentleman.
Me: No
Mother: What's wrong?
Me: I will keep my sons with me. My boys are not to be taken from me.
Mother: They will need a proper education; they will need to serve in the household of a lord. Your father will find someone, their own godfather's might...
Me: No. No, Mother, no. I cannot consider it. They are not to leave home.
Mother: Child? It's not like you to take a sudden whim over nothing. And every mother in the world has to let her sons leave home and learn to be men.
Me: My boys are not to be taken from me. I am afraid...I am afraid for them. I fear...I fear for them. I don't even know what. But I cannot let my boys go amoung strangers.
Mother: Well, it is natural enough. You lost your husband; you are bound to want to keep your boys safe. But they will have to go someday, you know.
Never again do I want to think about my boys leaving me, it is a horrible thought that has taken over my mind. No one shall take them.